Music for Everybody

Welcome to Essentials of Music, the comprehensive and integrated curriculum for teaching music, even if you know nothing about music yourself!

This program is designed for homeschooling, but is ideal for anyone who would like to learn music and/or teach it to their children, especially if they are not offering it at your school.

The purpose of these courses is not just to teach what music is, but how everybody can and should make their own, especially together with friends and family.  It’s an essential form of human communication, and often neglected by modern culture in that regard.

Making music is not about being perfect or getting famous.  It’s about expression, discipline, teamwork, history, culture, and connecting with others.

This basic introductory course of the curriculum consists of  the following topics:

Music Theory (9 lessons in PDF format)
Applied Sing-a-longs and Improvisation (9 lessons in mp3 format)
Music Appreciation (9 lessons in PDF format)
Music History (5 lessons in PDF format)
Instruments of the Orchestra (4 lessons in PDF format)

This blog has all of the musical examples described in the PDF format lessons.  All of them are hosted on YouTube, but I linked them here so you don’t need to search for them or see random comments or other unrelated videos.  Each topic is easily found in the list to the right.

This course has 36 lessons, designed for you to present 1 lesson per week through a 36-week school year or 2 lessons per week for one 18-week semester.   Each lesson should take about 15 minutes, and also includes additional activities as your time and interest allow.  I recommend doing the entire course at least twice to master all of the information and levels of activity.

If you have discovered this blog, and have not yet purchased the Essentials of Music Course, click on “Buy the Curriculum” at the top of this page for more information on the program, pricing, how and where to buy it, and free introductory lessons.

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